Avoid Electrical Accidents


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Each year, numerous employees are seriously injured while working with, around, or on electrical equipment. In almost every instance, a Lockout/Tagout program was not in place or common sense electrical work practices not followed. 

The overwhelming majority of injuries can be avoided when employees use common sense and follow recommended safe work practices while working with electricity. 

We recommend a review of your lockout/tagout program.

We also recommend you discuss any past injuries or near-miss accidents that may have occurred while working with electrical equipment. An inspection program that includes electrical cords and equipment is an essential part of an effective safety program.

OHSA requires all employees be trained in lockout/tagout and electrical safe work practices. All training should be documented!

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Silica Awareness

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Silica awareness is a reality! Although you may not be directly involved with the product, it either will affect or can possibly affect your employees. Awareness of the hazards involved are key factors in keeping your biggest asset, your employees, safe.

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Dausin Electric Lights The Way With New Website Launch

Dausin Electric is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. Our primary goal with this new website is to make it easier for those in need of commercial, residential and utility electrical services in South-Central Texas to find our offerings. We're a locally owned and operated electrical contracting company that has been servicing San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 1985.  We invite you to contact us with any questions or call us at 210-661-6736.

 Be sure to check back on the blog for interesting electrical facts and safety tips.

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